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1996 Boys Cross Country Team Roster

Natan Mengesha 10
Andrew Brown 11
Peter Verasin 10
Mike Blackwell 10
Mike Davidson 12
Tim Hertel 12
Juan Hernandez 10
John Colvin 12
Fritz Montes 11
Mike Hall 10
Engels Chamorro 10

1996 Girls Cross Country Team Roster

Emily Thomas 10
Lauren Duvall 11
Shannon Kearny 9
Shara Fox 10
Theresa Farran 10
Natalie Evans 10
Kristen Pugh 12
Joy Weeden 10
Rike Kahmann 11
Laura Tashjian 10


Falls Church High School

Cross Country

The 1996-1997 Cross Country Season is over. We are now gearing up for the 1997-1998 season and our goal is to become the National District Champions!

Pictures of the team will be here as soon as I can scan and upload them.